Understanding the Adverse Effects of Sugar: That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film

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Understanding the Adverse Effects of Sugar: That Sugar Film

It’s the simplest form of indulgence. Downing an entire bottle of chilled, highly sugary drink after a long session of intensive workout is a kind of simple luxury on par with wrapping yourself in a big, soft towel in a hotel room, stepping on a bath mat that’s soft like a lamb, or being able to sleep until you wake up naturally on a weekend.

But you should do that sparingly, as more and more research now show that sugar might be a lot more detrimental to your health than previously acknowledged. If you haven’t already watched it, That Sugar Film is a good starting point into the endless vault of nutritional knowledge that focuses on one of the most desired ingredients in modern cooking and eating – Sugar. The premise is simple: Documentarian Damon Gameau wiped the slate clean by ridding all forms of refined sugar from his diet for three years and then embarked on a 60 day journey of re-introducing the same ingredient back to his life and documented all the changes that happened to his body. Like how all fair experiments are conducted, all other variables were kept constant. This means that Gameau did not go wild on other forms of unhealthy food – like those of extremely high fat or calorie content.  He also maintained an exercising habit and stuck to the typical Australian’s 40 teaspoons of sugar a day in order to avoid an exaggerated result. Here’s one more catch: in an attempt to dispel common deceptive marketing, he only consumed the sugar through products widely assumed as healthy, such as cereal, smoothies, muesli bars and low-fat yoghurt.


So what were the results? We’ll let you find out on yourself. But here’s a hint – they weren’t good. Regardless of whether you find the conclusions derived from this documentary truthful and accurate or not, there is little dispute as to the adverse effects of sugar to the human body. What does this mean? Instead of sugary drinks, drink more good ol’ water. Before you consume any processed food, look into the food labels and determine whether its worth ingesting the large amounts of sugar often laced in packaged food. Good news is the Ozmo app is now equipped with a barcode scanner that allows users in the US to obtain nutritional information on major consumer food products through the USDA Food Composition Databases. Understanding what you’re eating has never been easier!

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