Type II Diabetes 101

Type II Diabetes has been on the rise in the United States, the main cause for Type II Diabetes is a mix of genetics and lifestyle decisions. The combination of these factors causes insulin resistance, the hormone that helps regulates your sugar levels. With Type II Diabetes, your body does not react well to insulin or the pancreas stops producing insulin.

So how do you control diabetes?

1) Eating right

Incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains can help manage diabetes. Fast food should be consumed less often as this is a factor for developing insulin resistance. It’s loaded with large amounts of trans fats and sodium which can be very unhealthy to diabetics.

2) Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can keep diabetes under control. With physical activity glucose can be released out of your bloodstream as muscles contracts. This overall can regulate your blood sugar levels much more effectively.

3) De-stress

Relieving stress can help make you sleep better. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can severely affect how your body reacts to glucose. You can try sleeping more or try relaxing your nerves through practicing yoga, listening to soothing music and even meditation. Also try to adopt a basic sleep schedule and avoid caffeine, alcohol at night.

4) Cut out sugary drinks and drink more water

Cutting out sugary drinks can help your blood sugar levels immensely. Sugary drinks with no nutritional value will elevate your blood sugar levels very rapidly. So switch out sugary drinks with water. Water is a much better alternative for you as you can stay hydrated and it won’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike up. For those of you who are not diabetic drinking more water can help lower the risks of actually having diabetes. Check out here for more information.

Do you know anyone with diabetes? Share these tips with them!

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