Stay Hydrated with these 5 Tips

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After crossfit, a long run or even an intense yoga class you definitely need to rehydrate yourself. It’s so important to hydrate after a workout as you have lost a lot of water during a workout due to sweat. Even throughout the day, sometimes we just get so preoccupied by work that we prioritize ourselves last. We then tend to forget to even quickly take a sip of water!

So here are our tips to help you stay hydrated throughout the day:

1) Set a goal
Give yourself a target amount of water you aim to drink per day. And stick to it! It’s important to give yourself a minimum intake of water to reach everyday. But also it’s up to you to follow through and reach that target amount.

2) Invest in a container
Buy a good bottle, cup or container that you will surely use everyday. This may sound absurd but if you actually like the container you are using to store and drink water from then you might just use it more often.
A little bit of self-promotion maybe invest in an Ozmo Smart Cup! 😀

3) Have your cup close by
Keep your close with you throughout your day. Bring it along with you to lunch, meetings and while you are working at your desk. If you are ever completing tasks on your computer definitely have your cup close by. So you can simply take quick sips of water while you are working.

4) Infuse your water
Spice up your water by adding fruits or herbs! It makes drinking water that much more fun. You can add lemon and cucumber to provide a more refreshing taste. Or even have berries and mint to give you that sweet aroma. Basically you can put anything in your water to help change up the flavour. After infusing your water with fruits you can even eat them. We hear infusing water is great for detox. We highly recommend this!

5) Eat food rich in water
Snack on some fruits that are high in water content is definitely a good alternative to drinking water during your day. You can try out watermelons, cucumbers, peaches, strawberries – all summer fruits to get in your daily dose of fiber.

Remember to stay hydrated during this summer heat!

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