How to Stay Adequately Hydrated All Day Long


How to Stay Adequately Hydrated All Day Long

By Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN


When was the last time you stopped to make sure you are staying adequately hydrated throughout the day? I know your life is busy — sneaking in a workout first thing in the morning then rushing to get your kids ready for school while you get ready for work, quickly jumping from one meeting to another throughout your work day, then running to pick your kids up from school and get dinner on the table — and before you know it you barely had time to eat lunch much less sip enough water throughout the day!


But staying adequately hydrated is so important to keep your energy levels elevated throughout the day, boost your metabolism, and keep your brain sharp, so why aren’t you raising your glass frequently?


The best time to stay hydrated is consistently throughout the entire day, but since it’s so easy for many of us to forget, set your phone alarm to remember these key times to take a sip…


7 amWake up, drink a glass of water and brush your teeth! Adding water into your morning routine, just like brushing your teeth, is a great way to start your day with the intention of staying hydrated. Drinking a glass of water not only wakes you up and gives your metabolism a boost, but it also provides some hydration before a morning workout.

TIP: Keep a glass of water on your night table so you don’t forget to sip smart first thing in the morning!


9 am — If you exercise in the morning be sure to sip frequently in the hours following to replenish the fluids you lost through sweating!


12 pm — Always drink a tall glass of water with lunch. Not only will it help fill you up, but mealtime is the perfect opportunity to remember to get in a glass.


Aim to be close to 50% of your hydration goal by noon so you can meet your hydration goal for the day! We find that Ozmo smart cup users are more likely to meet their goal if they hit the halfway mark by lunch time!


3 pm — Curb afternoon cravings with a glass of water! We often mistake thirst as hunger so before you reach for a nourishing afternoon snack grab a glass of H2O!

TIP: If plain water is boring to you, spruce up your glass with fresh fruit!


7 pm — A glass of water should always be on the table at mealtime! Water should especially be nearby if you consume a glass of wine with dinner as alcohol can be dehydrating.


9 pm — A mug of warm water with lemon is a relaxing way to end your day and signal to your body that it’s time to unwind and destress before bed.


Is there a time of day you make sure to stay especially hydrated?




Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN is a New York City-based registered dietitian and healthy food blogger at Chelsey’s practice specializes in health promotion, weight management and food allergies and intolerances. When she’s not helping clients one-on-one see their lives nutritionally, she is in her kitchen developing tasty, food allergy friendly, mostly vegetarian (largely vegan and gluten free too!) recipes and photographing every bite! Chelsey’s mission is to help as many people feel their best, look their best and be their best so they can live their very best lives! You can find out more about Chelsey here and catch up with Chelsey anytime on her blog, plus over on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

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