Run into the wild or Sweat it out on the Treadmill?

running indoor vs outdoor

Why run indoors?

Measured progress and performance

Machines available for indoor running allow you to measure your workout in a variety of different rates. You can easily measure your speed as well as see how long you’ve been running. The technology offers you access to numbers that are harder to track yourself, such as heart rate and calories burned. This information not only makes it easier to keep track of how you’re doing during your run, but it also gives you the ability to see how you’re improving over time in terms of speed, distance, and stamina. (You can also keep track of your hydration level with Ozmo’s water tracking app.)

Customized workout

Running on the treadmill allows you to have greater control over many factors of your workout. You can choose the precise steepness and speed, adjusting the intensity of your workout to fit your needs. Plus, you can be more flexible with your indoor running because you’re no longer restricted by time or weather. The slippery roads nor the lack of proper workout attire no longer stop you in your tracks to reaching your fitness goal if you choose to run indoors.

Why run outdoors? 

Reduced stress levels

Running indoors may make it easier to control and track your workout, but taking your workouts comes with its own list of benefits. First of all, scientific research shows that in comparison to running on a treadmill, running outdoors is a much more effective way of relieving stress. A study by Duke University proved that people who ran outdoors not only showed better performance in terms of speed and stamina, but also felt better about their body and workout as a whole after the run. The results aren’t too hard to believe. Running along a beach watching a beautiful sunset is more than likely to be more pleasing than staring at the wall of a local gym.

More motivation

The beautiful scenery doesn’t just stop at reducing your stress. It works as a source of motivation. The changing scenery may not be as accurate as the time lapsed or distance covered on the treadmill console, but it is probably much more motivating. With a physical goal in mind, you will be encouraged to continue running ‘til the end.

Increased intensity

It is undeniable that running outdoors does make your plan vulnerable to a sudden change in weather, but a bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from stepping outdoors anyways. Wind, heat, cold, and even light rain may help you improve your fitness. These factors make it more difficult for your body to regulate normal processes, so your body will be more challenged than ever.

Just keep running!!

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, running is a healthy workout. It releases serotonin, the ‘happy emotion’ chemical, and increases blood flow to you brain. Plus, you will be able to reduce the risk of many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. If the scenery outside is calling your name today, why not take a quick jog outdoors? And if the heavy rain is making you hesitate, then make a trip to the gym two blocks down instead. Don’t feel pressured to stick to just indoors and just outdoors, and be flexible! Just enjoy the physical workout and mind break wherever your body may take you today.

Remember that staying hydrated is extremely important during and after your workout. Learn more about how to stay hydrated while running here.

Original Content: Laura Fitzpatrick, Guava Pass

Author   PublishedApril 12, 2017  CategoryFitness 


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