But Really, What are the Differences Between Insulated, Vacuum and Thermal Cups?

But Really, What are the Differences Between Insulated, Vacuum and Thermal Cups?


You see these terms thrown around constantly, but you never have any idea what they mean. All you’re looking for is a cup that stands the test of time and more importantly, retains heat. Should you get an insulation cup, a vacuum cup or a thermal cup? Worry not because we’re here to clarify and make your life a tad easier.


Insulation cups

Insulation cups, or double wall cups, are very simply cups that houses an inner and an outer wall in order to maintain temperatures of beverages. The inner wall usually employs stainless steel while the outer wall can be stainless steel, plastic or other kinds of proprietary materials that have been surfacing over recent years. Occasionally, ceramic,  glass or plastic interiors are used too. These options are particularly suitable for those with a sharp palate who dislike the metallic taste when drinking from metal, especially with coffee.

Vacuum cups

Vacuum cups, also known as thermoses, are a type of insulation cup. The difference is that they rely on a vacuum – a space almost completely rid of air. Since vacuums are essentially empty spaces, there are few molecules present to transfer heat by conduction. Many of these vacuum chambers are also coated with a reflective material like silver in order to prevent lost of heat by radiation.

Thermal cups

A thermal cup is…well, any sort of cup that provides thermal insulation, which means it is not a category on its own! Think of it as a general term for any cup that keeps your brew piping hot or ice cold.


Another point to note is that a good thermal cup should also be leakproof. You don’t want to toss it in your bag and end up ruining your gadgets!


Wondering where to pick up a great thermal cup? The Ozmo smart cup is the way to go. It is made out of BPA Free Tritan Plastic and double-walled to keep your beverage at the right temperature for hours. What’s more, it is leakproof and can also track your water or coffee intake to ensure you stay hydrated, but not overcaffeinated!

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