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Ozmo PCM


Ozmo was featured on PCMarket Magazine Hong Kong

“Throughout these years, everyone loves to go Kickstarter and look for innovative new design. One of the most remarkable Hong Kong based designs that have successfully collected funds from Kickstarter would definitely be Ozmo, the smart water bottle designed by Groking Lab. With a strong passion in product design, Groking Lab’s CEO, Serena Pau and Chief Designer, Ming Tong, shared their journey with us.

The whole idea was started by Ming who has 10 years designing experiences. After sharing this idea with Serena, they see the product would work and begin their journey together. They opened up to PCM that they had come across  difficulties on gaining exposure, but thanks to the support of CSL, Ozmo was distributed and sold in the market in a short period of time, allowing more customers to get to know the product.”


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