Three Reasons You Should Use Ozmo with Garmin

Three Reasons You Should Use Ozmo with Garmin

Ever since dinosaurs roamed the earth…

Ozmo has offered synchronization services with fitness trackers. Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. However, it is true that one of the most attractive benefits that Ozmo smart water bottles offers is its ability to share data with other health platforms. Then what’s so different about the new Ozmo Hydration Widget on the Garmin Connect IQ Store?


What is the Garmin Connect IQ Store?

First things first, what is the Garmin Connect IQ Store? If you own a Garmin device, then you probably already know all about Connect IQ. Simply put, the Garmin CIQ is a platform which allows third-party developers to offer Garmin users to download apps and widgets to personalize their Garmin devices to fit their desires and needs. Ozmo has developed a special widget for Connect IQ to further enhance its Smart Hydration Platform.


The Three Big Benefits

1. Get your personalized hydration goal and track your progress.

If you are already using Ozmo Water App, then you are already enjoying this benefit! However, connecting your Garmin device can personalize your hydration goal EVEN MORE! When you first start using the Ozmo Water App, you’re asked to enter your approximate weekly activity level. The number of active minutes is one of the factors Ozmo uses when calculating your unique hydration goal. The instant sync of data via the CIQ Ozmo Widget will enable automatic adjustments of your hydration goal according to your latest workout data. How amazing is that?


2. Real time update on your daily and weekly hydration progress

Using the Ozmo Hydration Widget means that you can easily access your hydration data on your Garmin device. Right on the interface of your device, you can see the key metrics of your hydration status: your daily hydration goal and your water consumption so far. There is no more need to pull out your phone whenever you want to remind yourself how many more glasses until you hit your goal. Checking in on your hydration is now as easy as telling time. This way, you’ll be ever so more motivated!


3. Manually log in water consumption if you don’t have Ozmo bottle

Let’s admit it. Regardless of how much you love your water bottle, you won’t always have it by your side. There’s no need to panic if you accidentally leave your beloved smart bottle at home. You can easily log your water consumption manually from your Garmin device. So next time you’re served water in the meeting room or restaurant, remember to log that extra cup with your Garmin device because drinking from other containers is not against the rules. What matters most is that you stay hydrated!

Ozmo Hydration Widget is readily available for your download on the Garmin Connect IQ Store! Click here to check out the widget and revolutionize your hydration habits.

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