Make Your Coffee Healthier

Coffee beans

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Having a piping black coffee in the morning is great for your health. However, the cream and sugar that comes with it in a regular coffee shop are not. If you want to keep your daily cuppa joe healthy try switching up to healthier alternatives to compliment it.

1) Full-fat milk or Cream switch it up with a splash almond milk
Replace your cream and full-fat milk with almond milk. Did you know that almond milk has a larger amount of calcium? It also gives your coffee that nutty flavor which compliments it so well.

2) Sugar switch it up with stevia or honey
If you like to sweeten your coffee, you don’t need to put sugar to enjoy that sweet flavor. Replace sugar with stevia or honey. These are a much better health alternative, since regular sugar has no real nutritional value.

3) To spice up your coffee try some cinnamon
If you’re a regular cream and sugar person, you may want to consider switching up your routine and adding cinnamon instead. You can save several calories by replacing it with cinnamon. Cinnamon has proven to have several health benefits and can help boost your immune system.

Remember to Sip Smarter and have a great coffee experience! Let us know what you put to make your coffee healthier.