How To Stay Healthy This Festive Season

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It’s that time of the year when parties and gatherings and amazing food sprinkling joy all over your calendar! With the colder weather and busy schedules, we all find it difficult to keep up our workout routines. So here are 7 things you can do to stay healthy this festive season.


  1. Choose healthier recipes for the big dinner.

You don’t need to give up all your festive indulgences to stay healthy. There are plenty of healthy AND delicious recipes. Vegan, organic, lactose-free, low fat, low sugar…you name it and they have it! Personally, I find this cranberry glazed turkey breast from Eating Well just simply mouth-watering. So if you’re hosting a dinner at your place this season, impress your guests with a healthy recipe.

  1. Sandwich your big day with healthier ones.

If you’re not the host, you might not have any say in what gets cooked up. One thing you can do is to bring some healthier desserts like seasonal fruits! But a classic way to go is to keep your cheat day from becoming a cheat week. Plan ahead so that you can stay away from excessive eating and junk food the few days around your family dinner. By doing this, you will feel much less guilty when reaching out for an extra piece of cake.

  1. Drink more water, seriously.

Studies show that our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger. By drinking water throughout the day, you can prevent your snacking impulses. This will keep your calorie count down and let you focus on the important meals. You can also choose to drink a glass of water before your dinner for a sense of fullness that will help you reach the point of satiety with fewer calories.

  1. Turn the TV off.

It can be tempting to gather around the television for the movie marathon on your family’s favorite TV channel. Once you turn that thing off, there are a hundred other activities you can do as a family. For example, you can take a stroll after lunch to get that food moving. Or if you’re lucky enough to have seen snow, why not get into a snow fight? Active and merry tend to go well together.

  1. Go shopping!

The festive season is also the shopping season. When you hit the mall, treat it as a workout, not just another task. Don’t fight for the closest parking spot, take time to really browse the shops, and use the stairs when you can. You might feel a bit tired afterward, but you’ll definitely have burned some calories.


Don’t let the last few weeks of 2018 kill the efforts you’ve been keeping up all year! What are some ways that you keep healthy during the festive season?

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