Five Easy DIY Hacks to to Wellness


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I’m going on a diet can sound like a trip to the I.R.S, or the D.M.V.  A necessary evil. Something to be endured. Instead, flip the script to I’m going to make healthier choices. And that doesn’t mean depriving yourself of what you love– that wouldn’t be fun.  Here are few of Training Amigo’s favorites hacks to get on track with your health in the world of

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Hack Number One

Do This:  A scoop of fruit sorbet when everyone is going out for ice cream.

Not That: Two scoops of chocolate ice cream..

The Breakdown: Sorbet is made from fruit juice, syrup and water. The good news is that one scoop has about 180 calories, and no fat. The bad news is that it has 32 grams of sugar.  Still, it’s a healthier way to enjoy dessert especially when you consider that one scoop of ice cream has 276 calories, same sugar content, but a much higher fat count.  Making conscious choices like this will empower you to make bigger changes– and still have fun along the way.

Hack Number Two

Do This:  Spaghetti squash with turkey bolognese for dinner.

Not That: Pasta with meatballs or sausage

The Breakdown: Spaghetti squash, while it doesn’t taste like pasta, is still very effective if you are craving carbs– there are so many great recipes online, some that include a bit of pancetta for a smoky taste. It’s filling, and brimming with protein and vegetables. What are the numbers? 337 calories, and 11 grams of good fat. The alternative? Spaghetti and meatballs clocks in at about 1,000 calories and 34 grams of fat.  See? Delicious and healthy alternatives to what you crave!

Hack Number Three

Do This: Top plain nonfat yogurt with Middles East spices such as; olive oil, cumin, lemon, sea salt, pine nuts and chopped spinach,or cinnamon and honey.

Not That: Commercial yogurt brands are hyper-sweetened with fruit and fruit juices.

The Breakdown: If you eat yogurt on the regular, and who doesn’t– it is an excellent source for protein and calcium, it might not hurt to swap out the sweet for the savory.  Number one, we all eat way too much processed sugar. In fact,  some commercial brands have as much as 20 grams of sugar in one serving.  Number two, savory yogurt  has 80 calories and only 6 grams of sugar.

Hack Number Four

Do This: Crave a candy bar? Choose dark chocolate that is 90% cocoa.

Not That: Milk chocolate, like Hershey bars, are much higher in fat and sugar.

The Breakdown: Dark chocolate contains a surprising 4 grams of protein in half a bar, 3 grams of sugar, antioxidants, and only 240 calories. While it’s not a health food, it’s still a better choice if you must have something sweet.  Milk chocolate has the same amount of calories but a much higher sugar count, no proteins and no antioxidants.  Wellness is all about making smarter choices, not deprivation. The little things do count, and little things become big things– meaning big changes.

Hack Number Five

Do This: Make your own salad dressing of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, or vinegar.

Not That: Bottled creamy dressing

The Breakdown:  Olive oil is a good fat and combined with lemon juice is a really fresh way to dress your salad. For extra protein add feta cheese, avocado or nuts.  Crunch is always good in a salad.  Bottled dressings, even low calorie, are either high in fat or sugars, and contain as many as 137 calories per teaspoon.  Whereas olive oil and lemon juice is 13 calories and only one gram of fat.

The Conclusion

There is an almost endless list of healthy choices you can begin to make in your diet.  Start incrementally, that is– one step at a time.  Awareness is key.  Read the labels on processed food: that low calorie frozen mixed veggies with sauce might seem like a good idea– until you see that what it lacks in fat, it makes up in sugar.  What are some of your favorite DIY hacks? Contact us at Training Amigo, we’re the leaders in corporate wellness, and we have a passion for exercise, good eating, and solutions and benefits for big and small businesses.

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