What is FitTech? 5 FitTech Products We Find Promising

Mark our words: FitTech is the next biggest thing.


It all started off with professional athletes striving for better performance by monitoring different fitness metrics. At the turn of the 21st century, the notion of healthy living swept by the general public like an ineluctable wave. What came with the wave is the realisation that exercising and balanced eating are essential to a long and prosperous life, and slowly but surely – the idea that these aspects of life can actually be quantified using technology, to a large extent.


Cue FitTech – the hottest bandwagon everyone is trying to hop on. Still having a fuzzy idea on what exactly FitTech is? Here are 5 FitTech products that we find promising and will give you a better idea on what FitTech is. Basically, they gather data about your body and give you suggestions on how you can tune it up.

1. Lumo Run shorts and leggings

These shorts and leggings have sensors equipped in the waistband that allows the product to measure stride length, pelvic rotation, bounce and other information that is then fed into an app which comes up with coaching tips on how runners can improve their forms and run better and faster. And yes – they are machine washable!


2. Soltrackr

Spending a lot of time outdoors and worrying about how sunlight is affecting your body? Soltrackr is a palm-sized device that measures UV radiation levels and tells you via mobile app about how long you should stay under the sun, alerts you on potential harmful effects, advice you on what SPF level sunscreen you should apply and much more. What’s great about it is that it can fit on a key ring, because no one wants to lug around yet another hefty device.


3. KuaiWear coaching headphones

You’re probably wondering what are coaching headphones. Well, these headphones are fitted with a biometric sensor that analyses your performance as you exercise. They then give you instant voice feedback about your heart rate, speed, distance, calories and more while you listen to your music. There are also professional training plans designed by top athletes that you could download for your headphones that cover a wide range of sports, like a wearable coach!


4. Ozmo Smart Cup


Yup – of course Ozmo makes the list. A smart cup that tracks your hydration and caffeine levels, alerting you when it’s time to start and stop drinking? Sounds like the perfect healthy companion to have. The brand new Ozmo Java+ also has an internal heating element that keeps your beverages warm; and it synchronises with Fitbit, drawing data feeds from it and coming up with personalised hydration goals for you. The Java+ can be pre-ordered here, other options are now available on Amazon!


5. Athos shirt

This shirt is perfect for you gym lads out there. Measuring your muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing rate, the shirt shows you exactly which muscles are firing and how much you’re exerting yourself. You’ve only worked your biceps once at 42% this week, time to head to the gym and do some curls!

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