Should corporate’s make it compulsory to Hydrate?


Should corporates make it compulsory to Hydrate?

The modern lifestyle and health

In our modern urban lifestyle, we have learned to embrace stress. Every day we wake up early in the morning, hurry into our commute, and start our repetitive work routines. In the midst of the bustle, chances are we can’t really fit anything too healthy into our meals. And with summer approaching, the importance of water and hydration only multiplies. Many urbanites struggle to find a balance between work and life and don’t pay as much attention to their health as they should. This brings the question: should adequate nutrition and hydration be compulsory at work?

By implementing a guideline on healthy nutrition and hydration, companies will not only do their employees a huge favor. On top of that, they will set an example in improving the urban lifestyle as a whole. Here are some main points on why a company should set guidelines on nutrition and hydration in the workplace:


  • Poor health affects workplace efficiency

In many hustling-bustling metropolises like New York and Hong Kong, employees are often left with little time to focus on eating healthily. Many workers grab he quickest fast-food combo and only drink coffee or soft drinks. More often than not, these workers lose efficiency at work since such lifestyle will degrade their ability to focus. Not to mention that deteriorating health – combined with a high stress level – can result in higher rates of sick leaves. If companies could introduce measures to track hydration, set water-drinking reminders, and implement healthier eating habits, they could be solving the problem right at the core. It also helps employees who want to look their best in the summer season.


  • Employee benefits and positive corporate culture

In today’s workforce, salary packages are no longer the sole criterion when employees are searching for new jobs. Instead, employees look for companies with better nonmonetary benefits and working culture. A health and hydration guideline will create buzz in the job market. You company will enjoy a reputation as an organization that cares. This will attract top talents as well as CSR-conscious customers.


What can companies promote and how can they implement it

When implementing this idea, the last thing you want is to be perceived as a nanny-company. Strictly enforcing a health and hydration guideline could easily backfire. Companies should provide incentives instead, such as providing discounts to healthy food, giving out smart water bottles and smart hydration apps to employees, starting health-related interest groups, or introducing boot camps and yoga classes. Instead of enforcing a rigid standard, companies can promote a healthy lifestyle that can bring hydration, nutrition, and activeness into the workplace.


Happier employees, happier employers

At the end of the day, we spend 8 hours day (if not more) in the office. Our moods directly affect those around us, including coworkers. So, having happier employees will make the whole office vibe healthier and happier. With a more motivated workforce, there isn’t much doubt that employers will be happier too.


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