Should corporate’s make it compulsory to Hydrate?

Should corporates make it compulsory to Hydrate?

The modern lifestyle and health

In our modern urban lifestyle, we have learned to embrace stress. Every day we wake up early in the morning, hurry into our commute, and start our repetitive work routines. In the midst of the bustle, chances are we can’t really fit anything too healthy into our meals. And with summer approaching, the importance of water and hydration only multiplies. Many urbanites struggle to find a balance between work and life and don’t pay as much attention to their health as they should. This brings the question: should adequate nutrition and hydration be compulsory at work?

By implementing a guideline on healthy nutrition and hydration, companies will not only do their employees a huge favor. On top of that, they will set an example in improving the urban lifestyle as a whole. Here are some main points on why a company should set guidelines on nutrition and hydration in the workplace:


  • Poor health affects workplace efficiency

In many hustling-bustling metropolises like New York and Hong Kong, employees are often left with little time to focus on eating healthily. Many workers grab he quickest fast-food combo and only drink coffee or soft drinks. More often than not, these workers lose efficiency at work since such lifestyle will degrade their ability to focus. Not to mention that deteriorating health – combined with a high stress level – can result in higher rates of sick leaves. If companies could introduce measures to track hydration, set water-drinking reminders, and implement healthier eating habits, they could be solving the problem right at the core. It also helps employees who want to look their best in the summer season.


  • Employee benefits and positive corporate culture

In today’s workforce, salary packages are no longer the sole criterion when employees are searching for new jobs. Instead, employees look for companies with better nonmonetary benefits and working culture. A health and hydration guideline will create buzz in the job market. You company will enjoy a reputation as an organization that cares. This will attract top talents as well as CSR-conscious customers.


What can companies promote and how can they implement it

When implementing this idea, the last thing you want is to be perceived as a nanny-company. Strictly enforcing a health and hydration guideline could easily backfire. Companies should provide incentives instead, such as providing discounts to healthy food, giving out smart water bottles and smart hydration apps to employees, starting health-related interest groups, or introducing boot camps and yoga classes. Instead of enforcing a rigid standard, companies can promote a healthy lifestyle that can bring hydration, nutrition, and activeness into the workplace.


Happier employees, happier employers

At the end of the day, we spend 8 hours day (if not more) in the office. Our moods directly affect those around us, including coworkers. So, having happier employees will make the whole office vibe healthier and happier. With a more motivated workforce, there isn’t much doubt that employers will be happier too.


Hydration for Your Summer Body

Hydration for Your Summer Body


As temperatures rise, staying hydrated is of the utmost importance, not just for your health, but for your summer body too! Since your body is over 60% water, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to raise your water glass frequently throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Adequate hydration is essential to maintain proper bodily functions including digestion, muscle contraction, and transportation of nutrients throughout your body. One of the most important roles of proper hydration is maintaining appropriate body temperature, which is especially important in the hot summer months! But did you know that staying hydrated can also help you lose a few lbs too?

We want you to feel proud of your summer body, so here are 4 ways adequate hydration can help you feel your best this summer.


1. Adequate hydration raises your metabolism.

Studies frequently show that staying hydrated can help raise your metabolism, which aids weight loss and may be the missing factor you need to drop those last few pesky lbs! In fact, one study showed that drinking an extra 500ml of water can boost your metabolism by a whopping 30%! Here are a few tips on how to stay hydrated throughout the day.


2. Adequate hydration prevents mindless snacking.

One of the most common mistakes I see clients make when trying to lose weight is mistaking thirst for hunger. Next time you feel tempted to reach for a snack, try drinking a glass of water first to take the edge off your hunger. If you are still truly hungry, eat a healthy snack with lean protein and fiber, but don’t be surprised to find that more often than not you were just thirsty!


3. Adequate hydration may reduce bloating.

There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated on the beach, and staying hydrated can help you de-bloat by flushing out waste and preventing constipation. A general healthy diet should be high in fiber and sipping a sufficient amount of water helps reduce bowel transit time by binding to fiber in your colon to increase the bulk of your stool. This makes elimination easier, reducing bloating, gas and uncomfortable stomach pain. If you’re inadequately hydrated, your body reabsorbs water from your colon, increasing the likelihood of constipation.


4. Adequate hydration fights cravings.

The next time you’re craving something sweet, eat your water! Refreshing water-filled fruit like watermelon or strawberries will help you champion over that sweet craving and help you stay hydrated at the same time. In addition to mistaking thirst as hunger, inadequate hydration can increase cravings for sweets, which can thwart weight loss success. Fill up on water-filled foods like vegetables and fruit, along with a glass of water, to help fight cravings!


How are you staying hydrated this summer?

Five Hacks to a Healthy Body

Five Hacks to a Healthy Body

When people think of the word “health”, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. However, you can’t exercise your way to health without making the right lifestyle choices. So here are five habits that you should adopt if you haven’t already.

Hack #1 – Hydrate your body

You may have heard this hack one too many times, but it’s that important. Hydration is vital for your health for many reasons, but this doesn’t mean that you need to chug gallons of water on an hourly basis. There are alternative ways to get hydrated from a variety of drinks to simple hydrating snacks. If you are active and sweat a lot, remember to replenish electrolytes by incorporating the right sports drinks. A good level of hydration will rein in raving appetites in addition to aiding basic bodily functions. If you need help keeping yourself hydrated, our Ozmo smart water bottle and water tracking app may be for you.

Hack #2 – Get your rest

Sleep often gets pushed down your priority list behind work, social activities, and exercise. However, our bodies cannot work without proper rest. Pay more attention to the amount and quality of sleep you are getting, and try not to compromise the rest you deserve. First, find a way to better balance your work and your life. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, follow these easy tips for better sleep every night. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel much more revitalized and energetic.

Hack #3 – Stop counting calories

We know that calories jump out at you from those nutrition labels, but there is more to healthful foods than just low calories. After all, we are what we eat, right? The foods that we choose to feed to our bodies with influences our bodily functions in so many ways. The quality of food is important to you and your health, so stop counting calories and look at the ingredients, sugars and fat content, and how your food is cooked. Read about how you can start eating healthier with these three ways to replace your unhealthy habits.

Hack #4 – Remember: nobody’s perfect

There is nothing more discouraging than failing to keep your vow to never touch anything with sugar again. One of the biggest mistake made when trying to “go healthy” is setting unrealistic goals and making dramatic changes to your daily routines. Your brain is afraid of changes, so go for small steps towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. Instead of switching eating habits and exercise routines to whatever is hot on the Internet, try to find a lifestyle that best fits you. Most importantly, remember that no one is perfect, so don’t let that late-night snack haunt you in your nightmares. Just keep on walking towards your goal.

Hack #5 – We’re all in this together

Do you ever feel like your motivation level drops dramatically a couple of days after you have made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle? You’re not the only one. Try finding friends who have similar goals with you. By adding a social element, the transition to a healthy lifestyle will be much smoother. If you can engage in healthy activities with a friend, you’ll find it easier to look forward to that workout and to say no to unhealthy food choices. You don’t have to pull through all by yourself. We’re all in this together.

Original Content: Tasha Kolonas, GuavaPass 

The Benefits of Optimal Wellness: Your Best Defense is a Healthy Lifestyle

The Benefits of Optimal Wellness: Your Best Defense is a Healthy Lifestyle

Original content by Training Amigo

At Training Amigo, we know that exercise and nutrition work hand in hand. The benefits are synergistic; meaning the healthier you are, the more you want to continue, the deeper your commitment, the better you feel, and so it goes. Stress doesn’t rule your life. You make better decisions. You have more patience, optimism and stamina. Sound body equals sound mind. The Washington Post reported that, for soldiers returning from the Middle East “…treatment for PTSD with painkillers, antidepressants and psychotherapy often have mixed results. The Veterans Health Administration has launched four pilot programs — including one in Richmond — offering yoga, acupuncture, [and] Qigong.”

It’s heartening to see that more and more, as a culture, we are beginning to realize that optimal wellness, is a holistic effort. Treat the body and you often treat the mind. Studies have proven again and again, that exercise and good nutrition, not only for veterans, but everyone else as well, is often the solution to depression and lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This is what Training Amigo can bring to your employees and to the company as a whole — optimal wellness. On an individual level, here is what you can expect:

Increased vigor and energy.  If you return home after a vigorous work-out to a healthy breakfast of hot oatmeal with agave and a touch of cinnamon — you will walk the out the door to begin your day, ready to face whatever the world throws at you because you feel great. And yes, you will have a bounce in your step! Traffic on the expressway, and the intranet is down at work? No problem. You can return phone calls and schedule an ad hoc F2F meeting to catch up with your team. It’s very unlikely, as we often do, that you will reach for something sugary and loaded with carbs to help cope. You are coping, in fact, you are excelling.

Increased insulin sensitivity, which can help stave off weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes. The synergy of exercise and diet also helps prevent one of the most prevalent of lifestyle diseases, weight gain and diabetes, which has been on the rise at an alarming rate. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, 86 million Americans age 20 and older had prediabetes; this is up from 79 million in 2010. We have become a sedentary workforce. Yet, we are busier than ever.  It is easy to get into the habit or prioritizing everything but our health. We have to answer this email, we have to pick up the dry cleaning, we have to download this new program —  we eat more processed food, and collapse on the couch at night, and no matter how much sleep we get we are tired. It’ a vicious cycle. But the good news is — this is relatively easy to reverse.

Improved immunity. I have a friend who hits the gym every time he feels a cold coming on. He says, I’m gonna sweat it out.  And he usually does.  It’s just a fact that people who eat well, and exercise get sick less of often. Exercise  slows the release of stress related hormones, regulates antibodies and white blood cells. Good nutrition gives your body the fuel it needs to operate at optimum levels and fight off infection.  If all else fails, and you get a cold anyway, being at optimal health means you will be back in action much sooner. As The Harvard Medical School asserts, “Your best defense is a healthy lifestyle”.

How to Stay Adequately Hydrated All Day Long


How to Stay Adequately Hydrated All Day Long

By Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN


When was the last time you stopped to make sure you are staying adequately hydrated throughout the day? I know your life is busy — sneaking in a workout first thing in the morning then rushing to get your kids ready for school while you get ready for work, quickly jumping from one meeting to another throughout your work day, then running to pick your kids up from school and get dinner on the table — and before you know it you barely had time to eat lunch much less sip enough water throughout the day!


But staying adequately hydrated is so important to keep your energy levels elevated throughout the day, boost your metabolism, and keep your brain sharp, so why aren’t you raising your glass frequently?


The best time to stay hydrated is consistently throughout the entire day, but since it’s so easy for many of us to forget, set your phone alarm to remember these key times to take a sip…


7 amWake up, drink a glass of water and brush your teeth! Adding water into your morning routine, just like brushing your teeth, is a great way to start your day with the intention of staying hydrated. Drinking a glass of water not only wakes you up and gives your metabolism a boost, but it also provides some hydration before a morning workout.

TIP: Keep a glass of water on your night table so you don’t forget to sip smart first thing in the morning!


9 am — If you exercise in the morning be sure to sip frequently in the hours following to replenish the fluids you lost through sweating!


12 pm — Always drink a tall glass of water with lunch. Not only will it help fill you up, but mealtime is the perfect opportunity to remember to get in a glass.


Aim to be close to 50% of your hydration goal by noon so you can meet your hydration goal for the day! We find that Ozmo smart cup users are more likely to meet their goal if they hit the halfway mark by lunch time!


3 pm — Curb afternoon cravings with a glass of water! We often mistake thirst as hunger so before you reach for a nourishing afternoon snack grab a glass of H2O!

TIP: If plain water is boring to you, spruce up your glass with fresh fruit!


7 pm — A glass of water should always be on the table at mealtime! Water should especially be nearby if you consume a glass of wine with dinner as alcohol can be dehydrating.


9 pm — A mug of warm water with lemon is a relaxing way to end your day and signal to your body that it’s time to unwind and destress before bed.


Is there a time of day you make sure to stay especially hydrated?




Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN is a New York City-based registered dietitian and healthy food blogger at Chelsey’s practice specializes in health promotion, weight management and food allergies and intolerances. When she’s not helping clients one-on-one see their lives nutritionally, she is in her kitchen developing tasty, food allergy friendly, mostly vegetarian (largely vegan and gluten free too!) recipes and photographing every bite! Chelsey’s mission is to help as many people feel their best, look their best and be their best so they can live their very best lives! You can find out more about Chelsey here and catch up with Chelsey anytime on her blog, plus over on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

4 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Fighting The Winter Cold

Top photo credit: fluentu

Keeping your body warm during winter isn’t exactly rocket science. Layering up with extra clothing and warm blankets or feeding yourself enough of calorie-dense food are some of the first skills we learn about survival as toddlers. But did you know there are many other factors that come into play when it comes to staying warm? Here are 4 rather peculiar ones that you might not have known before.

1.You can get more adapted to the cold

There are three types of fat in the human body. Apart from the universally loathed white fat, the main culprit that ruins your summer body, there are also brown, subcutaneous, visceral, and belly fat. Among these, brown fat in particular, has largely been left out of the public eye. What’s unusual about brown fat is that it is actually great for the human body as when it is stimulated, it can burn calories and produce heat. Brown fats are maximally activated by cold, which means if you spend more time exposed to cold temperatures, you get more acclimatized to it.

2. Some medications can make you feel cold

Medications that treat high blood pressure, namely alpha-blockers, beta-blockers and direct vasodilators, may induce chills and make you more sensitive to cold weather.

3. Alcohol lowers your body temperature

St Bernard dogs are renowned for having barrels of brandy attached to their collars to help warm up freezing climbers of the Alps. It’s true that alcohol does make you feel warmer, which partially explains the prevalence of vodka in Russia as well. But in reality, alcohol actually lowers your body temperature because blood vessels dilate after alcohol consumption, sending blood along with warmth closer to the surface of the skin. This makes you feel warmer but the heat in your body ends up subjected more to heat radiation too, ultimately lowering the temperature of your body.

4. Staying hydrated is crucial in tolerating the cold

Both food and water are essential in handling the cold. Making sure the body is hydrated causes the heart to more easily pump blood around the body. Apart from the drop in temperature, winter also brings much drier air than other seasons, which means the body is more exposed to the risk of dehydration, as well as more susceptible to illnesses such as the common cold or flu. What’s more, dehydration is much less noticeable since signs of the body losing water – like perspiration, are much more subtle. As such, there is a need to drink water throughout the day, even if you aren’t necessarily feeling thirsty.


The recently launched OzmoJava+ not only tracks your hydration level, but also has an internal heating element that keeps your beverages warm at 45 °C (114°F). Perfect companion to help you stay cosy through the chilly winter!


How Proper Hydration Can Help Kidney Problems

How Proper Hydration Can Help Kidney Problems Which Retired People Normally Have

It’s common for those who are enjoying their retirement years to have kidney problems. They may not have kidney disease before, but it is apparent that the kidney starts to function less effectively as time goes by.

Why is kidney failure common among the retired?
Kidney failure occurs when the kidney does not receive enough blood to filter, which can be caused by dehydration. It’s not hard to imagine: What makes the largest percentage of blood? 55% is plasma, and 92% of which is WATER.

As we grow old from 20 to 80, we can expect a 15% drop in body water. It is natural as aging itself can lower the sensitivity to thirst and the body’s ability to regulate its fluid balance. Besides, dehydration can bring a lot more problems.

One big concern is that dehydration itself can lower the sensitivity to take in more water, and the drop in water consumption is too minimal to be noticed. You don’t even feel thirsty while you are drinking less. And drinking less will lower your thirst sensation again, what a vicious cycle.

The proportion of total body fluids to body weight goes down as we age, too. What’s more, the kidney’s ability to detoxify the blood gradually declines with age, and it is no longer efficient in concentrating urine in less water. With less fluid intake and greater water loss, the body is less able to store water for us as we grow old. This also explains why dehydration has become a problem for the retired.

Why is water important?
If dehydration is the problem, then what is the solution? WATER of course! First, increasing water consumption can help overcome the hydration loss and maintain your body fluids at a higher level.

Second, it helps your kidney. The kidney regulates lots of things: pH, salt, potassium levels, blood pressure and the production of red blood cells. Enough replenishment dilutes the unwanted substances such as toxins and reduces the harm they bring to the body. It also enables them to be flushed away. Goodbye waste and toxins.

How to drink more, and better?

1. Identify your goal
Although it is suggested that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, our hydration goals can indeed be different. The wise thing to do is to accurately calculate your personalized goal and stick with it.

2. Drink regularly
Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, because it means you’re already dehydrated. Instead, have a drinking schedule or rely on a reminder.

3. Stay away from caffeine
Caffeine is a diuretic which urges the kidney to excrete more water. Do understand your limit and trim down the volume of coffee intake.

* Drinking benefits with Ozmo

• Ozmo identifies your goal in terms of volume. Easy.
• Ozmo automatically asks you to drink regularly.
• Ozmo helps you regulate your caffeine intake by telling you where the limit is.

Ozmo is eager to make drinking easier for you.

What to drink to stay hydrated


What to drink to stay hydrated


Water   is   the   most   efficient   drink   to   stay   hydrated   but   our   consumption   is   diversified, very   often   for   the   pleasure   of   our   palate.   All   the   drinks   do   the   job   except stronger alcoholic drinks like wines and spirits.

common water (tap or in bottled) is energy free and provides small amounts of   calcium, sodium and magnesium.  If mainly composed from water, other drinks   like   teas   and   coffees, soft   drinks, juices   are   richer.   Additional   compounds   like   sugar, vitamins, fibers, and polyphenols may affect your health in good or bad   way.

Caffeine is a polyphenol found in coffee and tea.  It is often added to energy drink   for   being   a   stimulant.   It   has   little   diuretic   effects   that   do   not   have   significant   effect on the body (out of pregnancy).

Sugar is the most harmful constituent.  First, from the moment the drinks reach   our mouth, it generates a bacteria activity, which increases acidity and weakens   our   dental   system.   Secondly, sugar   is   potential   energy; it   needs   to   be   transformed through efforts afterwards.  Thus consumption of sugar should be   moderate according the needs.

Past years have shown the rise of sport drinks.  These are design for a better   water intake thanks to sodium concentration so the body quickly recovers its   equilibrium.  Also carbohydrates are added for energy.  All others compounds   have lower impact on the hydration.





Happy 2016 Ozmonians!

Happy new year to all you wonderful supporters of Ozmo! We are so delighted to have accomplished so many things in this year. We were able to successfully launch our Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and in 2016 believe us we will be doing much more so keep an eye out on Facebook and our website.

Since it is the new year we would like to give you some last minute tips for the coming 2016. Let’s achieve our new years’ resolutions together!

Losing weight
Losing weight can be tough but it takes a certain mindset to keep off the weight too. If you want to lose weight this 2016 start by slowly changing your lifestyle. Every month attempt to cut out something: soft drinks, sugary food, junk food. And same with exercise start small, have a stroll around the park and start to jog once you get more comfortable. Also since we now have so many wireless devices you can use Fitbit to keep track of your activeness and Ozmo to keep track of how much water you drink a day – because we all know water is always the better alternative compared to other beverages.

Staying off your phone
This is the real kick of 2016, more and more people are realising how dependent they are on their phones: in awkward situations, to simply past the time. How do we counteract this? Well start off by switching off your phone, seriously try it and do something. Anything that doesn’t require a computer, go to the gym, bake, write in a journal, practice yoga or read a book. Do something that you find calming. When you are hanging out with friends or family have a pact to put everyone’s phones in the centre of the table, first one who reaches out to their’s gets to pay the bill. It really helps all of you to have more conversations instead of constantly just being one your phone. You meet up with your loved ones for a reason to spend quality time with them.

Breaking out of your comfort zone
Leaving your comfort zone is a huge step in taking a leap in life. It requires you to change your habit, to change your life! What do you want to achieve in life? Are you happy the way you are now? If not change the way you are living, life is too short to wonder. Just do what you want to do! If you would like to take up a new hobby make time for it each week and practise. The more you practise the better you get at it. If you want to be more sociable, get into more activities and start talking with people. Approach others first, ask them questions about their lives – you will be surprised how open people actually are.

2016 are filled with possibilities for everyone. Let’s make this year count! What are your resolutions for 2016? Share it with us and we will be happy to comment. Thank you again for being so supportive this year. Happy holidays!

How to Stay Fit and Healthy during the Holidays

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner? And you know what that means less than one month until Christmas! With all this festivity and food we tend to pile on the pounds during this time of the year. Have no fear we have some tips for you to stay fit and healthy during this holiday season.

1) Plan ahead your workouts

First and foremost, if you want to stay fit during the holidays plan ahead. During this season you will have endless amounts of parties, visiting family and friends, going on shopping for gifts and decorations – which is why it’s vital for you to set aside some time for you to work out. Write it down in your diary or somewhere you can see everyday. Once you write it down, stick to it! No more excuses for not having time.

2) Try shorter but higher intensity workouts at home

With holiday festivities it means less time to workout. But you can still do workouts at home. Find some videos on Youtube, we recommend Blogilates she’s a true trooper for quick workouts. Also if you try some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts they are super effective in getting your heart pumping up fast and you can burn more calories than an average workout.

3) Keep a food journal

If you want to watch what you eat during this season keep a food journal. Once you get writing what you eat everyday you are less tempted to overeat during meals.

4) Have fun with your family and friends

Most important of all this holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones. You are supposed to celebrate and be happy during this time so go on and enjoy it! Do activities with your loved ones like walking the dog together in the park in the autumn breeze or have a snowball fight, have a family football game.

Remember it’s the holidays so don’t be too harsh on yourself just have some fun, kick back and relax with family and friends.