How can integrating Ozmo with fitbit help me stay active?


How can integrating Ozmo with fitbit help me stay active?

Staying active and supporting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially while juggling home and work responsibilities. That’s why the use of apps and other tech tools to make fitness easier have been on the rise. Fitbit data keeps track of your movement and calories burned, giving you a complete view of your body’s movement in a day. A great addition to the Fitbit is the Ozmo Smart Cup. Experts agree that one of the most important parts of staying healthy is drinking enough water. This smart cup does the math for you and helps you stay hydrated all day. Here are five ways that linking the Ozmo smart cup with your Fitbit data will help you stay active:


  1. Having water on hand automatically causes you to drink more.

Simply having a water bottle nearby is enough for most people to think about their water consumption more, and stay hydrated as a result. The Ozmo cup is BPA free and completely reusable, so it’s a safe option to have on hand.


  1. Ozmo does the math for you.

Ozmo takes the guesswork out of hydration by using your weight and activity level to determine how much water your body really needs. It tracks your movement and gives updates after workouts, and throughout the day to make sure you’re hydrated. You can view your daily goals on the app and track your progress. There’s even a three light indicator system to show when you’ve completed 20%, 50%, and 90% of your daily water goal.


  1. Reminders help keep you on track.

Your Ozmo will send you a notification if you’ve gone too long without drinking water, so even the busiest person can remember to stay hydrated. You can personalize the amount and frequency of your water consumption and the app will keep you on track. Having the app keep track for you gives you one less thing to think about while you’re trying to maintain a more active life.


  1. It updates based on your movement.

Linking your Ozmo and your Fitbit allows you to have a full and complete view of your body’s needs. While the Fitbit tracks every step and workout, the Ozmo recalculates to make sure you get enough water to replenish your body. The two apps work together seamlessly to make it easy to stay hydrated.


  1. It tracks coffee as well as water.

While it is wise to limit coffee consumption, it can be difficult to monitor, especially for those with a coffee pot only a few feet from our desks. Ozmo knows whether you’re drinking coffee or water, and will automatically track coffee for you. You can set personalized goals, or let Ozmo decide the perfect amount of coffee to drink while still being hydrated. A simple notification will let you know when you’ve reached your limit and should switch to water.


Tracking your movement and staying hydrated are two of the most important things to do while trying to stay active. Add in a healthy diet along with the Ozmo cup and Fitbit data, and you’ll have a simple and active life without thinking about it. Using these apps together removes the guesswork and makes hydration automatic, so your body will get all the water it needs to keep going. The Ozmo cup is perfect for those on the go because it’s leak proof and fits in car and bike cup holders. Enjoy the ease of automatic reminders to stay hydrated, and the benefits of added energy and weight loss by using the Ozmo cup to keep on top of your hydration.

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