The Benefits of Optimal Wellness: Your Best Defense is a Healthy Lifestyle

The Benefits of Optimal Wellness: Your Best Defense is a Healthy Lifestyle

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At Training Amigo, we know that exercise and nutrition work hand in hand. The benefits are synergistic; meaning the healthier you are, the more you want to continue, the deeper your commitment, the better you feel, and so it goes. Stress doesn’t rule your life. You make better decisions. You have more patience, optimism and stamina. Sound body equals sound mind. The Washington Post reported that, for soldiers returning from the Middle East “…treatment for PTSD with painkillers, antidepressants and psychotherapy often have mixed results. The Veterans Health Administration has launched four pilot programs — including one in Richmond — offering yoga, acupuncture, [and] Qigong.”

It’s heartening to see that more and more, as a culture, we are beginning to realize that optimal wellness, is a holistic effort. Treat the body and you often treat the mind. Studies have proven again and again, that exercise and good nutrition, not only for veterans, but everyone else as well, is often the solution to depression and lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This is what Training Amigo can bring to your employees and to the company as a whole — optimal wellness. On an individual level, here is what you can expect:

Increased vigor and energy.  If you return home after a vigorous work-out to a healthy breakfast of hot oatmeal with agave and a touch of cinnamon — you will walk the out the door to begin your day, ready to face whatever the world throws at you because you feel great. And yes, you will have a bounce in your step! Traffic on the expressway, and the intranet is down at work? No problem. You can return phone calls and schedule an ad hoc F2F meeting to catch up with your team. It’s very unlikely, as we often do, that you will reach for something sugary and loaded with carbs to help cope. You are coping, in fact, you are excelling.

Increased insulin sensitivity, which can help stave off weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes. The synergy of exercise and diet also helps prevent one of the most prevalent of lifestyle diseases, weight gain and diabetes, which has been on the rise at an alarming rate. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, 86 million Americans age 20 and older had prediabetes; this is up from 79 million in 2010. We have become a sedentary workforce. Yet, we are busier than ever.  It is easy to get into the habit or prioritizing everything but our health. We have to answer this email, we have to pick up the dry cleaning, we have to download this new program —  we eat more processed food, and collapse on the couch at night, and no matter how much sleep we get we are tired. It’ a vicious cycle. But the good news is — this is relatively easy to reverse.

Improved immunity. I have a friend who hits the gym every time he feels a cold coming on. He says, I’m gonna sweat it out.  And he usually does.  It’s just a fact that people who eat well, and exercise get sick less of often. Exercise  slows the release of stress related hormones, regulates antibodies and white blood cells. Good nutrition gives your body the fuel it needs to operate at optimum levels and fight off infection.  If all else fails, and you get a cold anyway, being at optimal health means you will be back in action much sooner. As The Harvard Medical School asserts, “Your best defense is a healthy lifestyle”.

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