4 Tips For a Simple and Frugal Valentine’s Day


4 Tips For a Simple and Frugal Valentine’s Day


It’s the season of love! For some people, this is the perfect lovey dovey holiday to impress their beau or belle; but for others, the need to display carefully planned gestures of love might be regarded as a chore, especially when you have to break the bank in the process. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be elaborate and more importantly, it doesn’t have to be expensive. These are four simple and frugal Valentine’s Day ideas to win a man or woman’s heart.


  1. Bring your celebration home! Any restaurant with at least a decent setting is bound to charge a fortune during Valentine’s day. Prepare a simple home cooked meal and add a touch of romance to your home by getting a fire lit somewhere, whether it be a fireplace or candles because let’s face it – flame makes any place sexier. To push it up a further notch, buy a single rose, take the petals off and sprinkle them around the area.
  2. Have a movie date. Sometimes, the last thing we need after a long day of work is to have to put in all the effort in dressing up and make even more conversations. See a new romantic movie at the cinema, or even better – just do a movie night at home. Scour for a romantic classic at your local library, oldies but goodies like Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain and The Philadelphia Story really can’t go wrong.
  3. But if you’re the more energetic type, take a one-time couples dance class. Waltz, Foxtrot, and Rumba are practically synonymous with romance, and learning something new together makes for a memorable Valentine’s Day too. Plenty of dance studios offer cheap or even free two-hour trial classes. You need only look.
  4. Give a gift that shows you care. Valuable gifts need not be expensive. Give your significant other something that shows you genuinely care about their wellbeing. If you see him/her stressed and tired, offer an act of service by perhaps taking over a chore before they get the chance to do it. Gifts like the Shocking Pink Ozmo Cup is great too because there’s nothing more intimate than showing that you care about your beloved’s health and lifestyle – it’s a sign that you’re committed to the relationship in the long run.
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5 Peculiar But Easily Doable Ways That Could Help You Become Fitter

5 Peculiar But Easily Doable Ways That Could Help You Become Fitter


We know that winter is still on full-throttle. But no one gets their ideal beach body right off the bat when summer rolls around. It’s a matter of dedication and commitment. While there is really no way around the hard work, these peculiar, and extremely easily achievable ways can help ease the process just a little bit. Start doing them now, and you’re on your way to having a body that will draw oohs and aahs!


1.Start eating chunky food

Regardless of whether you’re having a salad, a stew or anything that requires cutting into pieces, have your ingredients cut into big chunks. The chewing will take more effort and more time time and consequently, psychologically make you feel fuller than normal. It’s been proven time and again that taking your time to eat is a key to consuming less. Having chunky food will kickstart you with this habit.


2. Drink water

Water is 100% calorie-free and is scientifically proven to increase energy expenditure and consequently help you lose weight. It’s also been observed that drinking water before meals can suppress your appetite. How do you remind yourself to drink enough, though? Easy peasy. Get yourself an Ozmo Cup, and we’ll do the job for you. Never again will you forget to adequately hydrate your body to hit your fitness goals.


3. Snap pics of what you ate

Living in the 21s century means that most of us are dealing with a million responsibilities simultaneously,  and keeping track of what you ate might be one of the few things that fall through the cracks. Snapping a pic of what you ate at each meal is a fast and easy way of logging your daily consumption, and remind you to keep off that incredibly enticing mid-day munch.


4. Have a companion when dining

Admit it or not, everyone is self-conscious. Annihilating an entire pint of ice cream or downing half a dozen bags of chips is made infinitely harder under the keen and judgemental looks of your friends. Being social isn’t your strongest suit? Eat somewhere where a stranger can see you works too, be it a cozy cafe or a park bench!


5. Get a fitness tracker!

One of the biggest obstacles to getting fit is the need to constantly commit yourself to the cause, exacerbated by all the distractions we face on a daily basis. Having a fitness tracker means you’re always reminded of your fitness condition and how well you’re performing. Keeping a log of your exercise levels also gives you motivation to do better and to do more. Big brand trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Misfit all function phenomenally and are designed to help you reach whatever fitness goals you have. What’s more, they’re all compatible with Ozmo!

New Collaboration Partner: Xtra by AXA

New Collaboration Partner: Xtra by AXA


Many psychologists cite that intrinsic motivation should be emphasized in any sort of personal developments, that it’s the most sustainable and rewarding in the long run. But most of us would be lying if we claim that self determination is all it takes to push us out of our comfort zones. This is especially true in trying to get fit; what level of conviction does it take to turn yourself from a couch potato to a regular exerciser simply by telling yourself, “you can do it”?



Well, luckily for most of us, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Cue: Xtra by AXA. This brand new application developed by the insurance giant aims to combine intrinsic and extrinsic motivations into one comprehensive personal mobile program. From helping you launch into the get-fit plan, to sustaining you along the way, to finally rewarding you for what you deserve, it has everything covered. The application works by giving you incentives to achieving different wellness goals. For every goal you achieve, you’re awarded with “Xtra Points” for which you can use to redeem different rewards. Goals range from walking a number of steps a day to getting certain number hours of sleep, logged by the 200+ fitness wearables and wellness mobile applications that are compatible with Xtra.


But what are some of the rewards offered, you ask? Well, to begin with, you can get an Ozmo Cup for 30% off if you accumulate enough points! We are always looking for ways to work with different partners who share the goal of seeing a healthier world, and are incredibly excited to be one of their reward partners. Other amazing offers including discounts on healthy meal plans and gym memberships.


One of the many other amazing aspects of Xtra by AXA is that there is also a free personal coaching function, under the pseudonym of “Alex” that is available 24/7 to answer any wellness questions you have. Have questions on how to lose weight? What about tasty and healthy home recipes? Alex has got you covered.


So what are you waiting for? Get the Xtra app now, and get kickstarted into a healthier lifestyle driven by comprehensive support and amazing rewards!

What You Should Know About Kickstarter Before Starting a Campaign

Image credit: Kickstarter


What You Should Know About Kickstarter Before Starting a Campaign

It’s the ultimate picture that every entrepreneur dreams of. You have a novel idea, you share it with the world and suddenly, you’re an overnight success.

After all, almost 120,000 projects have been successfully funded since Kickstarter debuted in 2009. You’ve probably heard of the wildly successful Pebble Time campaign too that raised over 20M dollars.  But it’s not all fame and glory for all those who plan to hop on the bandwagon. Looking beyond the media frenzy and deeper into the cold, hard stats, what you’ll realise is that most campaigns fall short of expectations. In fact, the average project success rate is 35% and for greater risk industries like the tech industry, for example, the success rate falls below 20%. And it’s not exactly the end of the rainbow too. Rather than a pot of gold, think more along the lines of a pot of copper. Only 30% of successfully funded campaigns had a funding target of more than $10k, while the average Kickstarter project raises just $7,825, which might be adequate for basic, initial stages of development. But if you’re looking to expand your business to a sizeable scale, your bets should still be on traditional methods of seed capital raising.


Still want to go for Kickstarter?

As a company fortunate enough to have run a successful Kickstarter campaign, here are a few tips we have gathered from our experience:


  1. Develop a timeline and share it with backers. No one wants to support campaigns that make no solid promises on results delivery. It’s acceptable to revise the timeline now and then, just make sure everything is transparent and your backers are well informed. This is especially important if you plan to go back to Kickstarter to raise funds for subsequent stages of development too.
  2. Set a realistic funding goal. The way Kickstarter works, as opposed to other crowdfunding platforms, is that they operate on an all-or-nothing funding system. If your project doesn’t meet its goal, you don’t get anything. Since only 30% of all success projects had a funding goal of over $10,000, its much safer to stay below that number.
  3. Make a promotional video! Words and pictures alone are hardly convincing. People want to see your product in action. Statistics show that you have a 70% higher chance of reaching your funding goal with a promo video.
  4. Update often! Maintain backers’ trust and respect with frequent campaign updates. The general rule is to do it at least once a week. It could be about anything from progress updates or addressing backer concerns. This is the way to show potential backers that you’re committed, and might even encourage existing ones to up their pledges.


Some numbers the Ozmo Kickstarter campaign achieved in November 2015:


Funds raised:: $31,020

Number backers: 187

Average pledge amount: $166

What is FitTech? 5 FitTech Products We Find Promising

Mark our words: FitTech is the next biggest thing.


It all started off with professional athletes striving for better performance by monitoring different fitness metrics. At the turn of the 21st century, the notion of healthy living swept by the general public like an ineluctable wave. What came with the wave is the realisation that exercising and balanced eating are essential to a long and prosperous life, and slowly but surely – the idea that these aspects of life can actually be quantified using technology, to a large extent.


Cue FitTech – the hottest bandwagon everyone is trying to hop on. Still having a fuzzy idea on what exactly FitTech is? Here are 5 FitTech products that we find promising and will give you a better idea on what FitTech is. Basically, they gather data about your body and give you suggestions on how you can tune it up.

1. Lumo Run shorts and leggings

These shorts and leggings have sensors equipped in the waistband that allows the product to measure stride length, pelvic rotation, bounce and other information that is then fed into an app which comes up with coaching tips on how runners can improve their forms and run better and faster. And yes – they are machine washable!


2. Soltrackr

Spending a lot of time outdoors and worrying about how sunlight is affecting your body? Soltrackr is a palm-sized device that measures UV radiation levels and tells you via mobile app about how long you should stay under the sun, alerts you on potential harmful effects, advice you on what SPF level sunscreen you should apply and much more. What’s great about it is that it can fit on a key ring, because no one wants to lug around yet another hefty device.


3. KuaiWear coaching headphones

You’re probably wondering what are coaching headphones. Well, these headphones are fitted with a biometric sensor that analyses your performance as you exercise. They then give you instant voice feedback about your heart rate, speed, distance, calories and more while you listen to your music. There are also professional training plans designed by top athletes that you could download for your headphones that cover a wide range of sports, like a wearable coach!


4. Ozmo Smart Cup


Yup – of course Ozmo makes the list. A smart cup that tracks your hydration and caffeine levels, alerting you when it’s time to start and stop drinking? Sounds like the perfect healthy companion to have. The brand new Ozmo Java+ also has an internal heating element that keeps your beverages warm; and it synchronises with Fitbit, drawing data feeds from it and coming up with personalised hydration goals for you. The Java+ can be pre-ordered here, other options are now available on Amazon!


5. Athos shirt

This shirt is perfect for you gym lads out there. Measuring your muscle activity, heart rate, and breathing rate, the shirt shows you exactly which muscles are firing and how much you’re exerting yourself. You’ve only worked your biceps once at 42% this week, time to head to the gym and do some curls!

We’re all geared up for CES 2017!

We’re all geared up for CES 2017!


The anticipation is profound. The excitement is so thick we can cut it with a knife. As we draw closer to CES 2017, the most exciting tech show in the world, it’s good to be reminded once again of the origins of the trade show, the reason why it had grown to its current scale and how it had garnered its world reputation.


It all started in 1967 as a spinoff of the Chicago Music Show. The event went through a two-decade trial and error stage when different styles and formats were experimented, including being held twice a year and “popping up” in different cities. The event came into its own in 1998 and has held the same format ever since as a winter event held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


The trade show surrounds one central ethos: to serve as a birthing ground for all the latest and most innovative technologies developed for consumer use, in the aims of changing the world for the better. Over the years, many tech products that would prove to be an integral part of our lives were debuted at the show, including Camcorders in 1970, CD players in 1981, HDTV in 1998, and the Xbox in 2001.


CES has gained incredible momentum and achieved tremendous results over the almost 50 years of its existence. Last year alone, 3600 companies exhibited and more than 300 conferences were held discussing the latest trends across the technological sector.


As a company with values that align with CES’s mission, Ozmo is delighted to be part of this year’s CES once again, showcasing our latest Ozmo Java+ and application integration features. If you don’t already know, Ozmo is a smart cup that tracks your hydration levels and informs you when its time to drink. Our hopes and ambitions are simple: we want to encourage healthy living in everyone, specifically tackling the problem of dehydration that is present in almost three-quarters of the world population.


We hope you would come visit us at our booth #45224, learn about our proudest creations, and exchange some ideas on how we can make the world a healthier, better-hydrated place, one sip at a time!

Guilty Pleasures You Should Totally, Completely, Definitely Partake In During The Holidays


Guilty Pleasures You Should Totally, Completely, Definitely Partake In During The Holiday Seasons

This list is a comprehensive guide on the healthiest and most fruitful ways to rock the festivities…


Eat and drink everything your heart desires

No holiday is complete without an overwhelming bounty of food and drinks. We all know a food coma is impending before the holidays, but we face it head on with determination and conviction. Whole turkeys with stuffings? Bring it on. Chocolate molten cake topped with ice cream? No big deal. Free flow champagne? Who do you think we are, wusses?!



Shop until you drop

‘Tis the season for receiving…and oh yes, giving. Congratulate yourself on your achievements (or lack-thereof, in which case, this will serve as extrinsic motivation to work better next year) in the past year by treating yourself with all the shiny and glamorous gifts you’ve always wanted, even if it means breaking the bank. Some causes are worth achieving by any means.

Don’t know what’s good to add to your shopping list? The Ozmo cups make for solid options! You can now purchase them from Amazon.


Take as many workout cheat/rest days as you want

Whoever says scrolling through social media doesn’t constitute a workout (albeit, only for your fingers) is a blatant liar, along with those who denounce the fact that ketchup is a vegetable. The gyms aren’t going anywhere, and since it’s winter and you’re wearing so many layers, no one is going to notice your flabby arms and beer belly anyway.


Binge-watch all the TV shows on your checklist

Throw on your onesie, grab a glass of wine and start diving into the latest two seasons of Scandal. There’s nothing more satisfying than camping in your blanket fort and cutting off all connections to the outside world. Social interactions are overrated anyway, Netflix is the only friend you need.


4 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


4 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s less than 10 days to Christmas. If you’re anything like us, panic mode is starting to kick in. There is so much to buy for every friend and family, but so little time. We should have started decking those halls and mulling those wines earlier to leave time for Christmas shopping, shouldn’t we? But you mustn’t fret, because not all hope is lost. These 4 gift suggestions we have require little time to pick up or prepare, and what’s more, they don’t break the bank!




Head to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of the book that is close to your heart, or one that you believe will really resonate with the person you’re purchasing for. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it can be incredibly thoughtful too. Spend a couple of minutes explaining your choice on a hand-written note and slip it into the book. Don’t be afraid to go for the classics or the mainstream options. Novels like To Kill A Mocking Bird and Animal Farm are always inspiring; and if the person is into thriller or fantasy, the works of Dan Brown or Stephen King can hardly go wrong.


Experience Gifts


Experience gifts is a big trend right now, with the public slowly realising that the joy that comes from certain material gifts, particularly disposable ones, fade quickly. Think about giving your friends and family a museum membership, season tickets to a theatre series, or even class packages to learn a new hobby. Check out Bollyx gift cards, for example. They host Bollywood dance and gym class in the US. Go for something new, something you love, something the person normally wouldn’t get to do. Experience gifts are intrinsically rewarding, and they’re readily available and easy to pick up.


Ozmo Smart Cup


There’s nothing more intimate than showing a person that you care profoundly about their health. The Ozmo Smart Cup makes an amazing gift because it is a loving gesture that shows you care. It’s cool, it’s aesthetic, and it’s functional. It tracks your hydration and caffeine intake and reminds you when it’s time to drink again. Think your friend or family has room for a healthier lifestyle? Get him or her the Ozmo Smart Cup (Ozmo White* and Seafoam Green are at discount now). Everything sold from Ozmo are fulfilled by Amazon, which means speedy delivery!


*Ozmo White is only on sale at $54.99 till 23rd December, don’t miss the chance to buy it now.




Christmas is the season of love and the season of giving, and it should extend to everyone including the poor and the needy. Consider making a charitable donation in the name of your loved one that is meaningful, refreshing, and spiritually rewarding.

4 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Fighting The Winter Cold

Top photo credit: fluentu

Keeping your body warm during winter isn’t exactly rocket science. Layering up with extra clothing and warm blankets or feeding yourself enough of calorie-dense food are some of the first skills we learn about survival as toddlers. But did you know there are many other factors that come into play when it comes to staying warm? Here are 4 rather peculiar ones that you might not have known before.

1.You can get more adapted to the cold

There are three types of fat in the human body. Apart from the universally loathed white fat, the main culprit that ruins your summer body, there are also brown, subcutaneous, visceral, and belly fat. Among these, brown fat in particular, has largely been left out of the public eye. What’s unusual about brown fat is that it is actually great for the human body as when it is stimulated, it can burn calories and produce heat. Brown fats are maximally activated by cold, which means if you spend more time exposed to cold temperatures, you get more acclimatized to it.

2. Some medications can make you feel cold

Medications that treat high blood pressure, namely alpha-blockers, beta-blockers and direct vasodilators, may induce chills and make you more sensitive to cold weather.

3. Alcohol lowers your body temperature

St Bernard dogs are renowned for having barrels of brandy attached to their collars to help warm up freezing climbers of the Alps. It’s true that alcohol does make you feel warmer, which partially explains the prevalence of vodka in Russia as well. But in reality, alcohol actually lowers your body temperature because blood vessels dilate after alcohol consumption, sending blood along with warmth closer to the surface of the skin. This makes you feel warmer but the heat in your body ends up subjected more to heat radiation too, ultimately lowering the temperature of your body.

4. Staying hydrated is crucial in tolerating the cold

Both food and water are essential in handling the cold. Making sure the body is hydrated causes the heart to more easily pump blood around the body. Apart from the drop in temperature, winter also brings much drier air than other seasons, which means the body is more exposed to the risk of dehydration, as well as more susceptible to illnesses such as the common cold or flu. What’s more, dehydration is much less noticeable since signs of the body losing water – like perspiration, are much more subtle. As such, there is a need to drink water throughout the day, even if you aren’t necessarily feeling thirsty.


The recently launched OzmoJava+ not only tracks your hydration level, but also has an internal heating element that keeps your beverages warm at 45 °C (114°F). Perfect companion to help you stay cosy through the chilly winter!


But Really, What are the Differences Between Insulated, Vacuum and Thermal Cups?

But Really, What are the Differences Between Insulated, Vacuum and Thermal Cups?


You see these terms thrown around constantly, but you never have any idea what they mean. All you’re looking for is a cup that stands the test of time and more importantly, retains heat. Should you get an insulation cup, a vacuum cup or a thermal cup? Worry not because we’re here to clarify and make your life a tad easier.


Insulation cups

Insulation cups, or double wall cups, are very simply cups that houses an inner and an outer wall in order to maintain temperatures of beverages. The inner wall usually employs stainless steel while the outer wall can be stainless steel, plastic or other kinds of proprietary materials that have been surfacing over recent years. Occasionally, ceramic,  glass or plastic interiors are used too. These options are particularly suitable for those with a sharp palate who dislike the metallic taste when drinking from metal, especially with coffee.

Vacuum cups

Vacuum cups, also known as thermoses, are a type of insulation cup. The difference is that they rely on a vacuum – a space almost completely rid of air. Since vacuums are essentially empty spaces, there are few molecules present to transfer heat by conduction. Many of these vacuum chambers are also coated with a reflective material like silver in order to prevent lost of heat by radiation.

Thermal cups

A thermal cup is…well, any sort of cup that provides thermal insulation, which means it is not a category on its own! Think of it as a general term for any cup that keeps your brew piping hot or ice cold.


Another point to note is that a good thermal cup should also be leakproof. You don’t want to toss it in your bag and end up ruining your gadgets!


Wondering where to pick up a great thermal cup? The Ozmo smart cup is the way to go. It is made out of BPA Free Tritan Plastic and double-walled to keep your beverage at the right temperature for hours. What’s more, it is leakproof and can also track your water or coffee intake to ensure you stay hydrated, but not overcaffeinated!