5 Refreshing Foods Best for Re-hydration after Work Out!

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We all have that one task in our life that we dread but still we need to do it – EXERCISE! Exercise is good for health but, it has its failings too. Exercise could dehydrate a person which is unhealthy, so one should keep themselves hydrated during and after exercise. Below mentioned are few things which could help you rehydrate again:

1 Watermelon:  Watermelons are quite good for hydration because it keeps body hydrated during exercise as well. It is tasty and fulfils the required sugar level. It is also a low calorie food which makes it a perfect in and post exercise partner.

rehydrating through watermelon

Tomato juice: Tomato juice in the morning and after a good session of workout will help increase sugar levels. Due to workout, the glucose that has been out of body in the form of sweat will be regained. Its inflammation-fighting lycopene could also help you get over giddiness, fatigue and irritating mood. It also balances enzymes and proteins which contribute to muscle and brain damage to return to normal in athletes who drink tomato juice after exercise.

Organic tomato juice for hydration

Strawberries: Strawberries deliver the most Vitamin C of all berries which is essential for the healthy growth of new cells. Strawberries have 91% water, which contribute significantly toward your overall fluid intake. Eat them fresh or try them in a new strawberry smoothie!

refreshing strawberry smoothie

Hibiscus tea: When you are in mood for some serious workout to stay fit, taking care of hydration level is equally necessary. Water can get a bit boring if that’s all you are drinking, hibiscus tea is a great way to remain on your low-calorie beverage plan to keep things interesting. Try with honey for sweetened taste but no sugar.

rehydration by hibiscus tea

Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the healthiest fruit and wins the number one spot in the list of water-logged fruits and vegetables. It is composed of 96 percent water, has no saturated fat or cholesterol, very high in vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and Iron. You can add it to your salad, make some sandwiches or blend them to make a cool summer drink.

wellness & hydration by cucumber juice

Apart from all this, there is one more recipe to keep you healthy;Ozmo bottles– one of the best smart water tracking device. You can sync it with your mobile phone via App and track your daily hydration stats easily. 

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