5 coffee aficionados you MUST follow on Instagram

5 Coffee Aficionados You MUST Follow on Instagram

Coffee is a beautiful thing to smell, taste, and see. Yes, see! There’s even a famous saying that goes: “The beauty of coffee is in the eyes of the beholder.” Okay, so maybe I’ve kind of tweaked that one. Still, it’s true that coffee can be appreciated as an art, and I don’t mean just latte art. Keep scrolling to see how Instagrammers blend coffee with art.



Henry Hargreaves (@coffeecupsoftheworld)

Images of coffee cups taken from Instagram account @coffeecupsoftheworld

When you take out a coffee in the morning, you’re not just paying for the beverage but also the cup that holds the glorious drink. Every store has its own signature cup, some more creative than others.

Henry Hargreaves of @coffeecupsoftheworld recognized these take-out cups as cool, interesting, and beautiful. He started to collect coffee cups as souvenirs as he traveled then started documenting them and sharing them with the world.

Coffee Cups of the World has almost 100k followers, and Henry also accepts submissions for a richer collection of cool take-out coffee cups!

Josh Hara (@yoyoha)

Images of cartoons on coffee cups taken from Instagram account @yoyoha

Some coffee take-out cups are a bit on the bland and empty side. Take Starbucks cups for example (sorry!). Although its simplistic design with a green logo has become famous enough to recognize from across the street, it has a lot of white space.

Josh Hara of @yoyoha saw the blank side of his Starbucks coffee cups as a potential canvas. When he thought of a clever coffee-related cartoon, he drew it on a coffee cup. Ever since, he has been amusing his audience with ingenious and humorous works.

Josh has recently celebrated reaching 100k followers!

Nuria Salcedo (@nuriamarq)

Images of art with coffee as paint taken from Instagram account @nuriamarq

You don’t have to be an artist to know that there are tons of art mediums out there: acrylic paint, watercolors, chalk, charcoal, colored pencils only to name a few. But did you know that COFFEE could be used as an art medium too?

Nuria Salcedo of @nuriamarq is an architect who has always been in love with drawing. While exploring art as a hobby, she started experimenting with coffee as a medium and fell in love. Nuria mixes coffee powder with water, much like one would use watercolors, and adds details with a brown pencil.

Nuria now has over 28k followers on her Instagram account, which is full of beautiful portraits and works of self-expression.

Ghidaq al-Nizar (@coffeetopia)

Images of miniature artwork made using coffee, taken from Instagram account @coffeetopia

Used coffee grounds can be more useful than expected. It can be used as a fertilizer for your plants, as a fridge deodorizer, and – again – an art medium.

Ghidaq al-Nizar of @coffeetopia is an environmentalist and artist uses coffee stains and grounds for his artworks. All about minimizing waste, Ghidaq creates mini-paintings incorporating coffee thumbprints and dried leaf canvases. His beautiful miniature pieces are often inspired by literature.

Ghidaq has a strong following of over 45k on Instagram and even offers some of his works for sale!

Ria Sim @CoffeeCakesCafe

Images of coffee-related artwork taken from @CoffeeCakesCafe

Coffee is a magical beverage. It enables us to get through the day without acting like zombie and sometimes inspires us to be artists.

Ria Sim of @CoffeeCakesCafe takes coffee-inspired art to the next level. She creates unique, adorable mini art pieces featuring coffee. Cute paper cutouts, handwritten typography, and brunch goals decorate Ria’s Instagram feed.

Ria always keeps her 42k followers entertained and inspired with constant updates and makes a point to interact with them through comments and giveaways.


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