How Proper Hydration Can Help Kidney Problems

How Proper Hydration Can Help Kidney Problems Which Retired People Normally Have

It’s common for those who are enjoying their retirement years to have kidney problems. They may not have kidney disease before, but it is apparent that the kidney starts to function less effectively as time goes by.

Why is kidney failure common among the retired?
Kidney failure occurs when the kidney does not receive enough blood to filter, which can be caused by dehydration. It’s not hard to imagine: What makes the largest percentage of blood? 55% is plasma, and 92% of which is WATER.

As we grow old from 20 to 80, we can expect a 15% drop in body water. It is natural as aging itself can lower the sensitivity to thirst and the body’s ability to regulate its fluid balance. Besides, dehydration can bring a lot more problems.

One big concern is that dehydration itself can lower the sensitivity to take in more water, and the drop in water consumption is too minimal to be noticed. You don’t even feel thirsty while you are drinking less. And drinking less will lower your thirst sensation again, what a vicious cycle.

The proportion of total body fluids to body weight goes down as we age, too. What’s more, the kidney’s ability to detoxify the blood gradually declines with age, and it is no longer efficient in concentrating urine in less water. With less fluid intake and greater water loss, the body is less able to store water for us as we grow old. This also explains why dehydration has become a problem for the retired.

Why is water important?
If dehydration is the problem, then what is the solution? WATER of course! First, increasing water consumption can help overcome the hydration loss and maintain your body fluids at a higher level.

Second, it helps your kidney. The kidney regulates lots of things: pH, salt, potassium levels, blood pressure and the production of red blood cells. Enough replenishment dilutes the unwanted substances such as toxins and reduces the harm they bring to the body. It also enables them to be flushed away. Goodbye waste and toxins.

How to drink more, and better?

1. Identify your goal
Although it is suggested that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, our hydration goals can indeed be different. The wise thing to do is to accurately calculate your personalized goal and stick with it.

2. Drink regularly
Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, because it means you’re already dehydrated. Instead, have a drinking schedule or rely on a reminder.

3. Stay away from caffeine
Caffeine is a diuretic which urges the kidney to excrete more water. Do understand your limit and trim down the volume of coffee intake.

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