What to drink to stay hydrated


What to drink to stay hydrated


Water   is   the   most   efficient   drink   to   stay   hydrated   but   our   consumption   is   diversified, very   often   for   the   pleasure   of   our   palate.   All   the   drinks   do   the   job   except stronger alcoholic drinks like wines and spirits.

common water (tap or in bottled) is energy free and provides small amounts of   calcium, sodium and magnesium.  If mainly composed from water, other drinks   like   teas   and   coffees, soft   drinks, juices   are   richer.   Additional   compounds   like   sugar, vitamins, fibers, and polyphenols may affect your health in good or bad   way.

Caffeine is a polyphenol found in coffee and tea.  It is often added to energy drink   for   being   a   stimulant.   It   has   little   diuretic   effects   that   do   not   have   significant   effect on the body (out of pregnancy).

Sugar is the most harmful constituent.  First, from the moment the drinks reach   our mouth, it generates a bacteria activity, which increases acidity and weakens   our   dental   system.   Secondly, sugar   is   potential   energy; it   needs   to   be   transformed through efforts afterwards.  Thus consumption of sugar should be   moderate according the needs.

Past years have shown the rise of sport drinks.  These are design for a better   water intake thanks to sodium concentration so the body quickly recovers its   equilibrium.  Also carbohydrates are added for energy.  All others compounds   have lower impact on the hydration.





Gearing up for CES 2016


Gearing up for CES 2016


Hey everyone happy new year and welcome to 2016. With this new year comes more events for us to showcase Ozmo to the world. And we’re kicking the beginning of the year off with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

CES is one the worlds’ largest gadget trade show and there are over 150,000 attending this event this year. CES 2016 is the place to be for people who enjoy viewing the latest technology gadgets there are out there. There are a lot of companies attending this year from big corporate firms to small startups all lining up to show behind the scenes features and product demos.

We are going to be featuring our product Ozmo, the smart cup that aids in providing proper hydration and caffeination for it’s users. We’ll be located in Booth #74436, Sands Level 2 Halls A-C, Health & Wellness Program. Our smart cups will be displayed for you to use and try out. Also you can speak with our staff for more information about Ozmo. If you would like to know more information about Ozmo in this CES 2016 event click here for our latest press release.

If you are not able to make it to the CES show there will be video tours that allow you to directly view the event in 360 video via Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. A CNET host will be giving you a virtual tour on Thursday, January 7, of the best spots at the CES tradeshow.

We have also recently started an affiliate program, Ozmo Affiliates. This is a program created to build partnerships with technology and fitness enthusiasts who are keen on smart fitness gadgets. For additional information please visit here.

Also on the 6th and the 8th of January, we are also going to have pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram and would like you to find “Where is Ozmo?”. If you guess correctly you can get a chance to win one of our very own Ozmo smart cups.