How to Stay Fit and Healthy during the Holidays

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner? And you know what that means less than one month until Christmas! With all this festivity and food we tend to pile on the pounds during this time of the year. Have no fear we have some tips for you to stay fit and healthy during this holiday season.

1) Plan ahead your workouts

First and foremost, if you want to stay fit during the holidays plan ahead. During this season you will have endless amounts of parties, visiting family and friends, going on shopping for gifts and decorations – which is why it’s vital for you to set aside some time for you to work out. Write it down in your diary or somewhere you can see everyday. Once you write it down, stick to it! No more excuses for not having time.

2) Try shorter but higher intensity workouts at home

With holiday festivities it means less time to workout. But you can still do workouts at home. Find some videos on Youtube, we recommend Blogilates she’s a true trooper for quick workouts. Also if you try some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts they are super effective in getting your heart pumping up fast and you can burn more calories than an average workout.

3) Keep a food journal

If you want to watch what you eat during this season keep a food journal. Once you get writing what you eat everyday you are less tempted to overeat during meals.

4) Have fun with your family and friends

Most important of all this holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones. You are supposed to celebrate and be happy during this time so go on and enjoy it! Do activities with your loved ones like walking the dog together in the park in the autumn breeze or have a snowball fight, have a family football game.

Remember it’s the holidays so don’t be too harsh on yourself just have some fun, kick back and relax with family and friends.

The How to on Detox (Part 2)

Last week we introduced the concept of Detox and why it’s good for you. This week we are suggesting other methods of detox. Get creative and get healthy with these following methods:

3) Sip on detox tea.

Detox tea has brought a new game to cleansing your body. If you have heard of SkinnyMe Tea or SkinnyMint they have actually had amazing results over 28 days. There are many results where individuals felt less bloated and more energised.

4) Eating only fruits and vegetables for one week.

This would be a good way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Eating an abundance of fruit and vegetables have huge benefits to your body and to your skin. While you are on this cleanse, you will feel more vibrant. From the vast amount of nutrients and minerals, your body will be able to fully clean out all the bad toxins inside of you.

5) Try a juice cleanse for three days.

Juice cleanses are more of the extreme detox. Where you only consume juices or smoothies for three days. Please note that if you do intend to participate in a juice cleanse, you should prepare your body prior to these three days. Eating a clean diet and consuming more water is most important in this period. Please make sure while you are on your juice cleanse to consume enough calories per day.

While you are on your detox cleanse, remember to stay away from caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and saturated fats. This will inhibit the cleansing process and will cause more toxins to build up in your body. Another tip is to drink a lot of water, aim to drink two litres a day. You can track how much water you drink by using Ozmo. Drinking more water is vital and can help with washing out the toxins even faster.

What’s your opinion on detox? How do you kickstart your system? Let us know in the comments below.

The How to On Detox (Part 1)

Detox or detoxification is a process when your body goes through a cleanse removing toxins and waste that causes your body to feel uncomfortable from unhealthy food. There are many ways to detox your body. You can go on a juice or smoothie cleanse, fruit and vegetable cleanse, having detox tea, etc.

Why should you go on a detox? Detoxing your body makes you feel great! It eliminates the build-up of toxins in your body that makes you feel fatigue, sluggish and bloated. Detoxing has proven to help eliminate these problems and also can help your skin rejuvenate. When you’re undergoing the detox process you are fuelling your body with good and nutritious food. This will cause your body to flush out all the bad toxins in your intestines, kidneys and skin. It helps improve your blood circulation and makes you feel more energised.

Here are some suggestions for doing detox:

1) Drinking lemon with hot water every morning.

This is a great habit to start with everyday. Lemon water is a rich source for Vitamin C, allowing you to have immense of energy in the morning. Lemon water can hep aid in digestion and boost your immune system.

2) Have fruit infused water.

An inexpensive way to detox. You can change up the flavor of your water by having different fruits. Fruit infused water has become very popular and are also known as “detox water”. It aids in ridding toxins and also helps flush fat from your body too.

Have you tried these detox methods? Let us know your opinions on detoxing!

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