10 Steps To Better Sleep

Sleeping is so important to our body. If you want to lose weight, eating right and exercising is important but so is better quality of sleep. On average Americans gets 6.8 hours of sleep each night. However the recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours for an adult each night. Sleeping can benefit you so much in terms of physical health, you feel better, your concentration is higher, your mood gets lifted. So here are our 10 steps to getting better quality sleep.

1) Create a routine sleep schedule

One thing to get better sleep is to set a time that you will sleep at. This means no more sleeping at 2 am in the morning watching back to back tv shows. Because you will definitely regret not packing in more sleep. Once you set a certain time every single night to go to bed and commit to that schedule, your body will thank you for this.

2) Exercise before you sleep

I find that exercising prior to sleeping helps improve your quality of sleep immensely. By pumping that heart rate up, your body feels much more relaxed after doing that routine exercise. So you feel a bit more comfortable and tired when you actually get into bed.

3) Stop drinking caffeine after 3 pm

If you are drinking tea or coffee which contains caffeine after 3 pm, the caffeine will still be in your system for at least 8 hours before it breaks down. This will stop you from getting into deep sleep mode and may even prevent you from sleeping!

4) Have a glass of water

Before you sleep drink a glass of water. When your body enters sleep mode, your body uses up water and will become very dehydrated in the morning. Drinking water before bedtime is a perfect way to replenish your body with nutrients and minerals allowing you to stay healthy. With the Ozmo smart cup we remind you to take that extra sip before your bedtime.

5) Relax and wind down

Relaxing before you sleep is an obvious tip but we usually neglect this step. We get sidetracked and start anticipating about the next day in our head. But if you start by doing slow moving stretches to loosen up your body, you will definitely feel less tension in your body.

6) Turn off your phone

Switching off your phone will make you less distracted. When you go to sleep it is your time for you to relax and disconnect from the world. The light emitting from your phone delays you from sleeping and actually keeps you awake for a longer period of time.

7) No more snoozing

If you are the type of person who presses the snooze button consistently, you definitely will not feel as energised as the average person in the morning. Those extra five minutes does not make it better but actually makes you more groggy throughout the day.

8) Keep your bed as a sleeping haven

Keep your bed as a resting place, not as a workspace or a place to have midnight snacks. Your bed is a place for you to relax and sleep.

9) Listen to some “sleep music”

If you have trouble sleeping listen to some deep relaxing music on youtube. There are endless selections on Youtube you can choose from. From sounds of the waves to the rainforest, these sounds can help induce you into a deep sleep mode allowing you to have a better quality of sleep.

10) Clear your mind

If you feel stressed find someone to talk to or write in a journal. Just don’t keep it all bottled up inside, you will feel better when you express it. And feel less uneasy and sleep more properly.

Let us know your tips to sleeping better.

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Type II Diabetes 101

Type II Diabetes has been on the rise in the United States, the main cause for Type II Diabetes is a mix of genetics and lifestyle decisions. The combination of these factors causes insulin resistance, the hormone that helps regulates your sugar levels. With Type II Diabetes, your body does not react well to insulin or the pancreas stops producing insulin.

So how do you control diabetes?

1) Eating right

Incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains can help manage diabetes. Fast food should be consumed less often as this is a factor for developing insulin resistance. It’s loaded with large amounts of trans fats and sodium which can be very unhealthy to diabetics.

2) Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can keep diabetes under control. With physical activity glucose can be released out of your bloodstream as muscles contracts. This overall can regulate your blood sugar levels much more effectively.

3) De-stress

Relieving stress can help make you sleep better. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can severely affect how your body reacts to glucose. You can try sleeping more or try relaxing your nerves through practicing yoga, listening to soothing music and even meditation. Also try to adopt a basic sleep schedule and avoid caffeine, alcohol at night.

4) Cut out sugary drinks and drink more water

Cutting out sugary drinks can help your blood sugar levels immensely. Sugary drinks with no nutritional value will elevate your blood sugar levels very rapidly. So switch out sugary drinks with water. Water is a much better alternative for you as you can stay hydrated and it won’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike up. For those of you who are not diabetic drinking more water can help lower the risks of actually having diabetes. Check out here for more information.

Do you know anyone with diabetes? Share these tips with them!

Kidney Stones 101: How to Prevent Them

What are kidney stones? A kidney stone is a hard mineral matter that is formed in the urinary tract.

Kidney stones often causes blood to form in the urine and can also cause you to have stomach pains. Usually small kidney stones can be passed in the urine unnoticed, however larger ones can cause urine to be blocked. This will cause the stones to remain inside your kidneys which can be excruciatingly painful. In these cases it will require surgery to remove them.

Kidney stone disease is more common among young to middle-aged adults and typically occurs with men more than women. This disease is prone to happen to people who live in hotter climates, as they become dehydrated more regularly. Research has shown that the main cause for kidney stones are a lack of proper hydration. So make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day to prevent yourself from having kidney stones.

Based on medical research if you have had kidney stones in the past there is a 50% chance of you developing another kidney stone within the next 7 years. (For more detailed information about kidney stones you can click here: www.webmd.com). To prevent having kidney stones you can invest in our Ozmo smart cup! With an Ozmo cup you can stay hydrated everyday.

Remember if you experience any body discomfort or any of the symptoms as mentioned above, please seek medical attention immediately.

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